COEX and Freegrow sign MOU to
develop indoor navigation service

프리그로우 코엑스

On the 28th, Freegrow Co., Ltd. (CEO Kim Young-sik), an indoor location measurement development company, and COEX, the largest convention operator in Korea, announced that they have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to develop real-time indoor navigation services.

GrowMaps, Freegrow’s indoor navigation service, is a mobile application (APP) for real-time indoor road guidance, which combines Wi-Fi and Bluetooth data and various sensor data mounted on smartphones with a self-developed algorithm based on magnetic field data generated from building structures, allowing accurate real-time road guidance even indoors without installing separate equipment.

GrowMaps provides real-time directions for all facilities, such as stores and convenience facilities in large complex facilities, checking various events and event information by category, notifying users of various benefit information based on their location, and providing anonymous community services to communicate with people in the same space based on their current location.

Through this agreement, the two companies agreed to cooperate with each other in various fields for the convenience of customers using COEX, including △ real-time directions to all stores and facilities in COEX △ data sharing to provide customized benefit information based on user location △ activation of anonymous communities that can communicate with nearby users of the building.

“Through this agreement, we will develop services that can make real life more convenient, such as location-based data analysis and location-based marketing information, as well as developing new business areas called indoor road guidance services,” said Kim Young-sik, CEO of Freegrow.

Meanwhile, Freegrow participated in the “World IT Show 2023” held at COEX for three days from April 19 to 21 and introduced the indoor navigation “GrowMaps” to the public.

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