Freegrow Introduces Indoor Navigation
“GrowMaps” Through 2023 World IT Show


Freegrow (CEO Kim Young-sik), a smart location information service company, participated in the 2023 World IT Show (WIS 2023), Korea’s largest ICT comprehensive exhibition, held at COEX in Seoul from April 19 to 21, and introduced the indoor navigation “GrowMaps.”

The 2023 World IT Show is an international exhibition that leads the next generation of high-tech industries, introducing the latest trends in ICT and future technology trends, and opening a network venue between IT workers and other industries.

At the event, Freegrow participated in artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and platforms in the field of ICT convergence, ICT convergence services, and solutions to introduce “GrowMaps,” an indoor navigation system that can find directions at large complex facilities. Through the exhibition, GrowMaps will take its first step following the successful launch of the app on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store.

GrowMaps provides real-time directions for all indoor facilities in a complex large complex facility, and allows you to check various events and event information at a glance based on the user’s location. It is also an indoor navigation app service that allows users to share various opinions among real users in the community space of the building.

GrowMaps is currently available at COEX, where the 2023 World IT Show was held, and all exhibition participating companies, buyers, and general visitors can use the route to the exhibition hall and conference room and the route to COEX Mall, including restaurants, cafes, convenience stores, and parking lots, through GrowMaps. In addition, there are promotional materials for QR codes that connect to the download of the GrowMaps app throughout COEX, which will provide convenience to many visitors.

“The 2023 World IT Show exhibition, which was held in COEX, was the best opportunity to promote GrowMaps,” said Kim Young-sik, CEO of Freegrow. “This helped a lot in business connection with various companies to develop a market for indoor location-based services.” CEO Kim continued, “We will listen to the opinions of exhibition visitors and work harder to advance the service to provide new experiences and values to GrowMaps users in the future.”

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