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Freegrow, an indoor location service company, on the 24th that it was selected as the 2023 Public Institution Test bed support project conducted by the Busan Facilities Corporation to strengthen the competitiveness of start-up companies and secure early sales in the public sector.

This public institution testbed support project solves public sector issues through demonstration support for prototype test beds in the public sector and supports local start-ups to develop public markets. Pregraw, which was selected for the project, introduced a kiosk that allows employees to be called when visiting contract-related companies in the lobby on the first floor of the Busan Facilities Corporation, a participating organization.

Through a close meeting with the Busan Facilities Corporation, Freegrow identified the necessary functions, and accordingly developed a system that can design mobile hardware that can be operated at the information desk and make a call connection with employees and management offices on the spot according to the purpose of the visit. In addition, it added a function to check the detailed address of each department of the Busan Facilities Corporation scattered throughout Busan through smartphone QR code recognition, and UI/UX design was conducted in consideration of the usability of middle-aged visitors.

By introducing the kiosk, visitors to the Busan Facilities Corporation can easily and conveniently call the staff in charge, and direct them directly to the address of the business place with a mobile QR code in a situation where they have to visit the wrong location or guide them to other buildings, which is expected to greatly reduce the confusion of visits.

“Through this test bed demonstration, we can support the automation and unmannedization of public institutions, which has helped a lot in connecting with local industries and developing markets, and we plan to gradually expand our business to smart buildings in the private market through mobile location-based functions and product advancement using IoT modules,” said CEO Kim Young-sik of Freegrow.

Founded by CEO Kim Young-sik in 2019, Busan Start-up Company Freegrow is a startup that provides an indoor location service platform that can produce and manage indoor maps and an ultra-precise indoor positioning solution that applies ultra-wideband (UWB) technology. It has successfully invested in the Pre-A series from The Invention Lab + Woomi Construction and Kukbo Design PropTech Partners, IGIS Investment Partners, and IPS Ventures, a technology-based startup investment company. Recently, it was selected as TIPS in 2023, a technology start-up support project, and received about 500 million won in R&D funding.

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