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GrowBrick is a device that allows you to build an indoor positioning system which consists of an “Anchor” for UWB signal transmission, a “Tag” for signal reception and positioning and a “Gateway” for Wi-Fi/LAN connection and data collection. The space where have GrowBrick enables real-time precise measurement under 30cm a margin of error and data collection on the flow of people.


System configuration

Basic system configuration for GrowBrick

Communicate with the server to view real-time data for your entire zone
on the web anytime, anywhere.

시스템 구성도

Product certification status

It has Korea Certification Mark.

It has certified Korea Certification Mark for UWB device for general purpose.

KC 인증
UWB 키트

Expansion Kit

It can be used for practical purposes such as equipment and manpower positioning, and is an extended kit for control, control, and measurement of large areas such as offices, factories, and stadiums.

1. Anchor 4EA
2. Gateway 1EA (Integrated web management, server communication)
3. Asset Tag 2EA (Can be changed to wearable tag)

UWB 키트

Development Kit

It is a development kit for R&D for individuals and research institutes, and only the most essential equipment can be configured for a reasonable price.

1. Anchor 3EA
2. Gateway 1EA (Integrated web management, server communication)
3. Developer Tag 1EA (Development board and power connection)

Product configuration



Tracing tag location in real time



Collecting tag and anchor location data

물적 태그

Asset Tag

Identifying object’s location

인적 태그

Wearable Tag

Identifying person’s location

개발자용 태그

Developer Tag

Serial communication via development board like Arduino & Raspberry Pi

Z 브라켓


Additional installations for effective signal use



Additional installation if anchors cannot be installed on a wall

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