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#UWB #BLE #Wi-Fi

Ultra-Wideband technology

It is a hybrid device that combines next-generation Ultra Wideband, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi technologies and offers broad compatibility.

차세대 무선통신 기술

#accuracy #ultra-precision #indoor positioning

Superior positioning accuracy

With an average positioning error of less than 30cm, it is more than 10 times more accurate than beacons.

뛰어난 정확도

#compact #easy-install #remote setting

Easy installation and setup

It is easy to install anywhere because of small & light and also it can be set up remotely via a smartphone and PC.

간편한 설치 및 설정

#expandability #floating population

Extended functions

By detecting BLE within the gateway application radius, floating population analysis is possible, and various extended functions such as temperature
and humidity remote check and cloud service can be provided.

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