Key Features

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Let’s set up, share, update, and manage
indoor maps, and more with GrowStudio.

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Indoor map settings

You can upload indoor map images floor by floor, set the location, name, category, and details of your points of interest (POI). You can also draw walkable routes on the map and add interlayer means such as stairs and escalators.


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Indoor navigation

Once you’ve finished settings of the indoor map, you’ll be able to get indoor directions through growmaps and it isn’t needed app or program. Guide cards are automatically generated based on your route section by section.

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Easy map sharing

You can easily share the indoor map by URL or QR code.
Users just click the URL or scan the QR code to use the indoor
map service “GrowBrick” without any apps or programs.


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One-stop update

It’s a web-based service that you can access anytime, anywhere. It supports multi-platforms such as mobile, web, and kiosks, allowing you to update at once, and is compatible with all platforms such as iOS, Android, and PC.

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Extended features

Ultra-precise real-time positioning system is possible by adding “GrowBrick”. Also, you can link the data to check the signal radius of the devices, modify the location of the devices, and change the settings.

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