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Freegrow (CEO Kim Young-sik) has officially launched “GrowMaps,” an indoor navigation system that allows real-time directions inside a complex complex complex facility.

Recently, the need for directions in the building has increased as the number of large complex buildings has increased, but the existing GPS navigation system could not be used in the building due to technical limitations. For this reason, Freegrow launched an indoor navigation beta version of the app “EggMap” in October 2022 in the large complex market, which provided only limited services, and officially launched GrowMaps, which upgraded and rebranded services, in April this year as a result of identifying improvements in service demand and products.

GrowMaps is a mobile service that can be easily and conveniently used from indoor directions to store information in large complex facilities. Through its own development algorithm based on magnetic field data, it provides real-time directions services indoors, and Freegrow’s location positioning technology can easily collect data with only a smartphone without installing separate equipment, allowing users to estimate their location stably and accurately. It utilizes various sensors, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth installed on smartphones and analyzes magnetic field data and radio wave data in buildings together to build an indoor map.

GrowMaps provides directions for all facilities within large complex facilities, such as stores, amenities, emergency exits, and parking lots. In addition, you can check internal information and benefits such as store, pop-up store, and event information classified by category at a glance. Based on the user’s location, customized information such as coupons, discounts, and events can be provided, and various opinions can be shared among actual users in an anonymous community space where users can communicate with users near the building. GrowMaps is currently available at COEX in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, and plans to gradually expand its service around large complex shopping facilities nationwide.

CEO Kim Young-sik said, “We will expand our services to focus on large complex facilities across the country through step-by-step commercialization strategies to provide more convenient services to GrowMaps users,” adding, “We plan to gradually discover collaboration points with large complex companies related to offline location-based data analysis.”

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