Robofrien Changes Name To “Freegrow”


Robofren, which operates an indoor navigation app service, said it has changed its name to “Freegrow.”

The new mission freegrow selected through an in-house competition is a combination of the English words “free” and “grow” It means “free growth” and is in line with the corporate culture that puts growth first in a free work environment.

According to the name change, the name of the indoor navigation app “EggMap” currently being serviced has also been changed to “GrowMaps.” Freegrow’s GrowMaps is a mobile service that can be easily and conveniently used from indoor directions to store information at large complex shopping malls such as COEX.

In addition to the real-time indoor route guidance and store information guidance functions currently provided, Freegrow plans to expand its app service around large complex shopping facilities nationwide by adding various functions such as recommendation of visiting courses, issuance of discount coupons, and community activation.

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