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How to do good job at Freegrow

1. We're not afraid to fail and we're constantly challenging ourselves.

In Freegrow, we are not afraid of failure, but we share our failure experiences to develop together. The most important thing to fear is not to fail, but to challenge nothing. Freegrow always starts challenges from the smallest things.

2. Culture is horizontal but execution is vertical.

A horizontal culture doesn’t mean that all decisions are made by majority rule. We’ll have plenty of discussion and hear opposite opinions, but if a team leader makes a decision, we’ll support it and follow through.

3. Active and leading team play

Freegrow’s people (Grower) work around teams. Each team has the power to make decisions freely within the vision and “Grower” of Freegrow.

Quick execution is the best than perfect strategy.

There can be no perfect strategy. You don’t have to get tired before you even start working on a strategy. Run quickly under the company’s vision, and improve your problems.

5. Continues growth through feedback

Feedback isn’t just a tool or a process for evaluating performance. It’s a system for valuing the process, not the outcome, and we grow together by giving each other feedback on what we need to improve.

6. We work efficiently.

We have a principle to eliminate every unnecessary procedure that interfere with work . We create good environment where you can focus only on your work by removing unnecessary meetings, overtime and reporting.

7. Information is transparent for all.

All information must be accessible to all employees. Anyone should be able to see the vision, goals, and progress of each team at any time. We are reducing the amount of time that can be wasted in the absence of sharing as much as possible.

Supporting cultural growth

4.5 work days every other week

Pursue work-life blending by implementing a 4.5-work days every other week to allow time for loved ones and me.

Freedom to take paid day off

Use annual leave freely to make efficient use of time.

Thanks growing day

To celebrate our growth, we’re having a year-end day together.

Stock options

We give stock options to share the company’s value and performance.

Supporting environmental growth

Support for all food cost in the company

To remove the burden of worrying about food costs, we pay for all meals during the workday. Lunch, dinner, snacks, and coffee are all paid for with our corporate card.

Support for the latest equipment

We support the latest equipment needed to maximize the productivity of the work. MacBooks, laptops, dual monitors, large monitors, etc. are used.

Efficient ways to work

In order to create an environment where we can only concentrate on our work, we skip the unnecessary reporting system. Avoid inefficient ways of performing tasks.

Use collaborative software

We use collaborative software like Notion and Figma for sharing and checking everything in Freegrow at a glance for anyone, anytime. We’re always pursuing efficient work.

Supporting personal growth

Support for growth costs

We support growth costs four times a year to increase growth value. It provides reasonable compensation for growth.

Support for self development expenses

We support part of the self development cost. You can be supported certificate test fee, academy tuition and gym fee.

Support for youth policy our country

The state and the company work together to help build assets and raise money.

Support for book purchase

If the book is needed for growth, we support the purchase cost so that you can read it without any limits. We keep the books in the company so that anyone can see them.


Recruiting questions

Basically, it goes through the process of document screening and CEO interview. However, the development job is to conduct a coding test before the interview. For document screening, please prepare a resume and a letter of self-introduction (career description), and if you have any portfolio to show, please prepare them together. The CEO interview is a time to get the information you need to see if you’re the right person for us in comfortable atmosphere, and the HR staff will also join us to check the suitability.

We will inform you by e-mail or text within a week regardless of pass or fail for all screening.

It is a 5-day a week, and the working hours are 9 to 6. In addition, the second and fourth Fridays in a month, when the 4.5 work day system is implemented, leave work at 12 o’clock.

Contact us at “” or call us at “070-4163-1849” and one of our HR staff will be happy to answer your questions.

After the final approval notice, we will contact you via phone for business purposes. At that time, we will adjust the final employment date and inform you of the documents and information to be submitted on the first day of work.

Cultural questions

If you’re curious about the members who will grow up with us, please click here!

We move according to “How to do good job at Freegrow”.

Of course. There may be voluntary overtime if you need it but efficient work during working hours is highly encouraged at Freegrow.

Freegrow is currently a pre-A investment round.

Korea Credit Guarantee Fund – seed investment

Woomi-Kukbo Design Prop Tech Joint Cooperative No. 1 organized by the Invention Lab
Igis Investment Partners

IPS Ventures

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