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Smart Factory

Real-time worker
location tracking system

We constructed a system within the study area to propose a method for indoor
moving object positioning using UWB, an ultra-wideband wireless communication
technology, and a method for easily verifying the accuracy of the positioned object.

Smart Factory

제품 구성


Anchor 25EA

Tracing tag location in real time


Gateway 5EA

Collecting tag and
anchor location data

인적 태그

Wearable Tag 6EA

Identifying person’s location

Expected effect

Accuracy within 15cm average error

Monitor the exact location and movement
of workers.

Increasing safety and efficiency

Real-time location tracking prevents collision
with facilities and control access to hazardous

Published a paper at the Korea
Society of Industrial Technology
in 2023

Validated the indoor moving object
localization method and the localized
object position accuracy.



Korea Institute of
Science and Technology

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