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Smart Factory

Real-time forklift
location tracking system

In steel making process, a single material input mistake can cost billions
in damages, so the system is configured to track the location of forklifts
in the material warehouse in real time to ensure that they are receiving
the correct materials and moving to the designated input area.

Smart Factory

Product configuration


Anchor 20EA

Tracing tag
location in real time


Gateway 6EA

Collecting tag and
anchor location data

물적 태그

Asset Tag 32EA

Identifying object’s location


Admin web

Forklift tracking system

Expected effect

Accuracy within 20cm average error

Monitor the exact location and movement
of materials and their inventory status.

Improving efficiency and economic
feasibility of work processes

Check forklift movements and demand of materials with real-time location tracking.

Increasing productivity
and reducing labor costs

Reduce the possibility of process
errors and inspection costs.




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